Distressed denim

distressed1Hi there! Hope you had a great Easter and you ate a ton of chocolate (at least I did)! Even though I looove experimenting with my style, sometimes I just love to wear very simple outfits, just like this one, but I still always like add something to them. Like for example, I stacked some of my favorite gold rings and some dainty necklaces to make the outfit a bit more interesting.
  I almost never DIY my clothes, but a few days back I was thinking what to do to these very old and already almost-falling-apart jeans. I've been wanting a pair of distressed jeans for a long time, and I thought.. Why not? I grabbed a pair of scissors and just in an impulse cut two wholes to my jeans. And well, this is the result. I actually really like how it turned out! It might not be perfect, but distressed jeans never are.
 I really would like to DIY some more clothes, so if you've DIY'd some of your clothes lately, let me know, and I might use some of the tips for my old clothes too. Have a great week everyone :)



Good Morning!


Good morning everyone! I think this is the first time I'm doing a "morning post", but today I woke up full of energy.. Weird. I've had a light breakfast and I'm going to start spending my day off by reading some magazines soon and this fashion history book that is actually really interesting! I'm one of those people, who doesn't really read often, but I've decided that I should start reading more again. I used yo read a ton when I was little, but now I only read the books I have to for school. BUT I'm planning on buying some books Lauren Conrad has written (L.A Candy etc), because I've heard they're really good. Do you have any book recommendations for me?

// Huomenta! Ensimmäistä kertaa kirjottelen näin aamusta, mutta tänään heräsin oudosti täynnä energiaa! Oon nyt syöny vähän kevyttä aamupalaa ja kohtapuoliin ajattelin vapaapäivää vietellä lehtien ja yhden tosi mielenkiintosen muodin historiasta kertovan kirjan parissa. Oon ajatellu muutenkin, että rupeisin lukemaan enemmän, koska tuntuu että ala-aste aikojen jälkeen vapaaehtoinen lukeminen on jääny tooosi vähälle. Ekaks varmaan tartun noihin Lauren Conradin enkunkielisiin kirjoihin, mutta oisko teillä jotain muita kirjoja jota suosittelette?



Floral & Leopard

Hi everyone! Hope you're having an amazing start of the week. One thing I've been dreaming about a lot lately is summer (hah, shocker) and it has shown for example in the clothes I've been buying: Skirts, dresses, crop tops etc.. I've been obsessed with all kinds of printed clothes lately, especially floral ones, and for example this floral/leopard dress I bought only a few days ago. I obviously fell in love with the print mixing on it and also, the price! It was only (prepare to be amazed).... 9.95€ !! Yes, this print perfection, was also friendly for my wallet. Douple yay! Because it's still quite cold out, I decided to obviously wear it with a jacket and some tights , but I can't wait to wear it with just some sunnies and a huge hat for the beach. Raise your hand if you're, just like me, super excited about summer coming up!


Sneak peek...

Well hello there! Here's a sneak peek of the outfit post coming tomorrow.. So come back tomorrow for some more pictures :*


My favorite S/S trends part 1

My favorite S/S 2014 trends part 1

Hey again! I've been watching a ton of trend reports online recently and I've loved a ton of trends that are coming up this spring/summer ! Here are some of my favorites, that I'll definitely be rocking this season. What are your favorites from these that I picked/all in all?