Spring wishlist

wishlist for spring

Hello again! Here are some things I really would like to have for the spring time! If only I was rich....


White on white


Hey again! Gosh, I've been on the search of my graduation dress for ages, and I still haven't found it.. I don't know what to do anymore. The struggle is real hahah! Other than that, I've been doing good, thankfully I'm not sick anymore, because I was getting so sick of it (pun intended hahah).

This outfit I absolutely adore. This is the first time this year I'm wearing a skirt (yay for that!) and I'm so excited about the fact that summer is getting closer and closer and I'll be able to wear more skirts soon! I'm a huuuuge skirt lover, and all in all I just love wearing summer-y clothes like dresses and shorts etc. Anyways, it's still not THAT warm, so I had to pair this skirt with a jacket. But I don't mind it, I really like how this outfit turned out.

Have a great day everyone x



March favorites

Helloo! SO, like I told you in my previous posts I was working on a new video and here it finally is! I downloaded final cut pro x, which is an editing program, and because I needed to learn how to use it, the video took a little longer than expected. Anyway, here is the video, and I really hope you like it. I've been loving making videos lately, so you'll be seeing more of those on my blog (or on my youtube channel actually), but don't worry, I'm still doing "normal" posts too.

Tell me what you thought and go hit the thumbs up button if you enjoyed it!

Have an awesome day everyone x



Instagram snaps

Helloo! If you don't follow me on instagram (you should do that -> here ) you haven't seen some of the snaps I've taken lately. Just because I didn't have my camera last week, I haven't been able to take any outfit pictures etc, sooo I decided to show you some of my insta snaps.

OH, and the video I've been working on is coming next week! Been working so hard to make it look good, and to be honest I'm kinda struggling, but getting there (very slowly, but still getting there!)

Have an awesome next week everyone x




Boho vibes


Hey everyone, hope you're doing well. I've been sick for the past week, my throat has been hurting so bad, and I even went to a doctor because of it because the pain is absolutely horrible. I've been eating pain killers all day long and ugh.. I want it to stop alreadyyyy! Anyway, to be honest I really wasn't in the mood to do a blog post because of the horrible pain I was in, but now I've kinda gotten used to it. Don't know if that is a good thing or not.. But oh well.

I'm one of those people whose style changes depending on what mood they're in. This day I just wanted to dress really bohemian for some reason and that's what I did. I got this crop top and this kimono last summer when I was in Sweden and they're definitely some of my favorite pieces in my closet. And of course I wanted to pair them with a ton of jewelry and my favorite (and pretty much only) hat. 

Next week I'm planning on doing another video (maybe my March favorites, or something like that?) and I'm really excited about it. Kinda into doing more youtube videos now, check out my last post for my travel video if you haven't already xx

(oh and forgot to add to the picture: watch is from Daniel Wellington and the colorful bracelet is from Vant Jag)