Under the sun

Hello everyone. Finally I'm back from all my trips, and I can finally start blogging regularly again. Phew, it's been a very hectic month for me, and it doesn't stop there, because school is starting soon, and so are finals (I know it's not the official word for the huuuge final exams we're having, but oh well, let's just say I have to read a ton and that wont be nice at all...).
 Anyways, my both Italy and Sweden trips were absolutely amazing! I just love traveling so much; seeing new places and other cultures, meeting new people, having fun but at the same time relaxing.. It's the best. I'm going to start my travel posts from Italy and obviously end them to Sweden, so yeah, expect a few weeks full of travel posts and videos! 
 So, here's my travel/1st day outfit when we went to Italy. It was really warm and sunny but the leather jacket was definitely needed on the plane, because as you may know if you've ever been on a plane, it tends to get quite chilly there. These shorts were super comfy and definitely perfect for the occasion too. I paired the outfit with a simple top and some cute flats, and in the evening I slipped on a white dress (you can see that outfit on Instagram, link HERE)
Stay tuned for more posts soon, love you all!


Lookbook from Italy (VIDEO)

Hello again! I'm finally back home in Finland, but unfortunately not for long. Tomorrow morning I'm leaving to Sweden and I'm going to be away for almost a week. But, I decided that I should do something a little special for you in these few days I'm home, because of all my trips my blog has obviously been a little quiet lately. So, I did a lookbook video from Italy for you! It's kinda like a travel post and three outfit posts all in one haha. Hope you like it, and also, if you have a youtube channel it would be awesome if you could subscribe and like my video, and also, tell me what you thought about it :) Have an awesome day everyone!



Sequins and leather

Hi guys! Hope you're having an awesome day. I'm in a bit of a hurry here, because I still have to do some last minute preparations until we're leaving to Italy!
 I got this skirt a few years ago, and I remember debating with myself wether to get it or not for a long time. Finally I decided to get it for New Year's Eve, and it's still one of my favorite skirts in my closet. It's super simple, but the sequins on it make it a bit more fancy. I decided to build my outfit around it, making a little bit more edgier with the leather jacket and my leather belt + jewelry. I actually really liked this outfit, even more than I thought at first I would.

LINK to the website where my shirt is from! They have free shipping (at least at the moment), so check them out :) and also LINK to the earrings!
Links (LILI SHOPPING(shop), NAKAMOL(brand) and BRACELET), to the first bracelet. Most of the jewelry in the online store are handmade and/or they're made in small series, which gives them a precious value and makes them even more luxurious!

But now, I really have to go. Ten days in Italy... Can't wait!


A tattoo?

atattoo2Do you remember those temporary tattoos that pretty much everyone had as a kid? Those awesome designs that you would stick to your arm and immediately feel so much more cooler? Or at least, I felt that way. I sometimes used to stick several tattoos to my arm and pretend they were real, even though they weren't obviously, and probably stayed there for only a couple of weeks. I still loved them though, and were always so excited when I got them as a freebie from a magazine etc. That's why when I got the opportunity to design my own temporary tattoo, I was more than excited. Even though that pink unicorn I always dreamed of would've been cool, I decided to stick to something a bit more.. Well subtle, yet still something I really liked. Even though these one word wrist tattoos  have become extremely popular nowadays, I still though one would be cool. Obviously it's not a real tattoo, so I just designed something that would have some kind of meaning behind it, but not think it too much. My tattoo says "fearless" just because I wanted it to remind me not to be afraid of things. I'm usually that kind of person that I think a lot before I do anything, and that overthinking usually gets in the way of me doing some things really cool. So, this tattoo will remind me not to do so (even though it's there for only a short period of time, but still). Click this > link if you would like to design your own too, or maybe pick one from the existing ones!

So, what kind of tattoo would you want if you could choose?

PS. I'm leaving to Italy next week, so that means no posts for 10 days + after my Italy trip I will leave to Sweden shortly after that, so let's just say this month will be quite quiet here on my blog. But I promise the travel posts AND videos will be worth the wait. Still trying to get an outfit post up before I leave though, have an awesome day everyone!XXLINDA



Hey again! If you've read some of my latest posts, you know that I've been planning on starting to make some more youtube videos over the summer. And now, here's the first one! I decided to give you a little sneak peek into my every day life, so I hope you like it. Tell me what you think & tell me if you have any more video requests. Also, if you have a youtube channel, it would be awesome if you could comment/like/subscribe. I'm planning on making some more videos as soon as I can xx Have an awesome day!

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