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Hey again. I'm currently drowning in school work, but no worries, I'm somehow managing and actually kinda enjoying it. Thankfully this weekend I'll get some time off of school work/halls and I'm going to Edinburgh for the day/night. I've been to Edinburgh quite a lot lately, so you'll definitely get some pictures from my visits soon. I just love that city so much.

And because I've been there so often, I've also been buying so many new clothes lately, and that's definitely not a good thing for my poor wallet. Pretty much everything I'm wearing in this outfit is new, and to be honest I didn't really need anything else than just the winter jacket... But I'm seriously in love with everything else I got too, and already wearing them a lot. The deep v-neck and the super thick choker are just the perfect combo, and overall I'm absolutely in love with this look.

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Balenciaga inspired


Just when I got the motivation to start blogging weekly again, my computer decided to be a little shit and run out of space for some weird reason (even though I deleted pretty much everything I could). Thank god for the worker at the Apple store who was kind enough to help me clear up some space from my computer. Great costumer service just makes me so happy.


Even though I always thought of myself as a confident person, especially when it comes to my style, I feel like in my home town something was holding me back a bit. Maybe it was the fact that I knew people would notice immediately if I wore something a bit different, or maybe it was the lack of inspiration I had around me, but for some reason, I feel like it's been improving after I moved to Scotland, to a direction that I very much like. Even though I live in a smaller town, I'm experimenting a lot more with my outfits and looks, and I'm feeling inspired all the time.

This outfit was inspired by Balenciaga's F/W 16 show. The off-the-shoulder jackets were one of my favourites from the whole season: Especially the oversized red puffer jacket, styled with the embellished turtleneck. Ever since I saw that look, I knew I wanted a puffer jacket too. I never really liked puffer jackets before, and I felt like they were something I would never wear, but that look definitely changed my mind. Now I'm in love.
I paired my puffer jacket+turtleneck combo with these jeans from Mango, that are the perfect add for this cool girl look. And I can't forget to talk about these gorgeous heels I ordered, while being blinded by the neon -50& off sign in the Missguided website. The lace up on the side makes them a bit more interesting, yet they are still simple enough to pair with a lot of different looks. They're also comfortable enough to wear to school. Major points for that.




Exploring Edinburgh


Hey guys! Finally, I remembered to ask someone to snap a few outfit pictures of me (thanks Emma), so here you go: a new outfit post for you guys! It really has been a while.

In case you didn't already know, I absolutely adore thrifting. This jacket is probably one of my favorite finds in a long time: It looks expensive and well made, it is super comfortable, and it was only 8£.
The jacket had these huge shoulder pads in it, but I had to take them off. Even though I've seen some designers rocking the shoulder pads in some of their collections, they don't really suit me...At all. The shoulder pads were inside the jacket, so unfortunately I had to cut it open from the inside, and it really wasn't pretty. But when I'm wearing the jacket, you obviously can't see my very amateurish shoulder pad surgery, so I don't mind.

The shirt is thrifted too. It's real silk and I love styling it like this; unbuttoning a few buttons from the bottom and tying it for that extra relaxed look. The shirt itself is so nice, that many times I just pair it with high wasted jeans and sneakers. And that's what I did this day too.




First few weeks in Scotland


Hey there. It's been quite a hectic couple of weeks here, with new places, new faces, a new country... Everything has been so overwhelming, but all I can say right now, is that I'm definitely in the right place. I've never seen myself being this passionate about school/projects and everything else in between. I could spend hours and hours in the school library working/researching/reading.. Gosh. I don't really know what to say or what to write, because I don't really know where to start. I'm just feeling so inspired and so happy.

I'll definitely try to update this blog weekly and tell a bit more about what's happening here. And of course, outfit pictures coming as soon as I remember to ask someone to take pictures of me (It's not like no one is willing to do that, I just always forget to ask!)

Even though everything has been very hectic, I've still managed to bring my camera with me occasionally, so here are some pictures I've taken during the past few weeks. Enjoy. (oh, and shoutout to my new lovely friends and their cool outfits I get to photograph. even though they get a bit annoyed of me being a wannabe street style photographer hahah! Sorry guys, you'll get used to it.)



Some videos for you

Hi guys, and so sorry about the fact that I haven't been able to post anything here! I've made a few videos though from my trip to Helsinki and Flow Festival, and also a little lookbook. Hope you like them! As you may know I'm moving to Scotland next week, so I'll try to get someone to take outfit pictures for me as soon as I settle in.. And get friends hahah! Have an awesome day everyone x

xx Linda