sunflowersHey again! In case you haven't seen my video (you can watch it here ) you might not know this outfit I wore. And in case you have.. Well here it is again, and a little story behind the pictures.

When we were driving to our villa in Tuscany, I spotted these beautiful sunflower fields. I knew right in that moment that I needed to take pictures there, because sunflowers are one of my favorite flowers and I couldn't just pass the opportunity to take pictures in such a beautiful place. The only struggle was that the fields were right next to a highway, but thankfully one day we still managed to get a few pictures (literally two good ones, but at least it's something, right?) and also a lot of video material for my video before we continued our trip. But yeah, the place all in all was definitely a hard place to take pictures, and the pictures turned out kinda blah, but I hope you still like them! Have an awesome day everyone.

//Moikka taas! Jos ette sattumoisin ole katsoneet videotani ( voitte nähdä sen täältä ) niin ette luultavasti ole nähneet vielä tätä asua. Mutta jos olette.. tässä se on teille uudestaan kuvien muodossa ja pienen tarinan kera.

Kun olimme matkalla viikon asuinpaikkaamme Toscanassa, bongasin nämä upeat auringonkukkapellot autotien vieressä. Tiesin heti siinä ja silloin, että minun oli aivan pakko päästä kuvaamaan sinne joku kerta reissumme aikana, koska auringonkukat ovat ensinnäkin yhtiä lempikukistani ja paikka oli muutenkin aivan huikean näköinen. Ainut ongelma tosin oli, että pellot sijaitsivat tosiaan autotien vieressä (josta autot sitten menivätkin ohi aika lujaa), mutta onneksi kerkesimme ottaa pari kuvaa (kirjaimellisesti kaksi hyvää, mutta hei, onhan sekin jotain!) ja paljon videomateriaalia ennen kun jatkoimme taas matkaa. Paikka oli kuitenkin tosi ongelmallinen kuvata kaikin puolin, joten kuvat on nyt vähän mitä on, mutta toivottavasti tykkäätte silti!



Ps. I love Italy

Hey again, and so sorry about the quiet week (and in advance the quiet next few weeks) finals/school have taken big chunk from my free time, so it's kinda hard to find the time and energy to blog. BUT, I promise after my finals are over, I will be getting back to my 2-3 posts a week schedule.

Okay, so just wanted to get that little disclaimer out of the way. Anyway, the next week, like I already mentioned on my previous post, we spent in a beautiful villa in Tuscany with our family friends. The villa was absolutely amazing, and it was so nice and relaxing to start off our days by tanning by the pool for a few hours. Usually after that, we ate and went wherever the day took us. We visited places like San Gimignano, Monte Riccione and Volterra, and I must say there wasn't I place I didn't like! In the evenings we usually went to the nearby city or just chilled at our place.


Flowers all over


Hello people of the internet! Here's another outfit post from Italy for you. I wore this super cute lace crop top with one of my favorite skirts (print addict right here haha) and I thought they looked really nice and girly together. I have to go and read for my finals now, so that's why I'm keeping this post short and sweet. Hope you like the pictures! x


Walking down the sunny streets

Hello again, time for another travel post!

The next few days in Italy were quite hectic. We stayed in Bologna for a night and also visited a few other places like Como for example. All in all we walked A LOT, and my feet were super sore after each day. But it was definitely worth it, because well, Italy is a gorgeous country in case you don't already know. We also visited an outlet one day to do some shopping, where I didn't really find anything because most of the stores were quite expensive there (Tommy Hilfiger, GANT, Nike, GUESS... Well you get the point).
After three days of traveling with just my family, we met with our family friends and stayed with them in a nice villa in the countryside of Tuscany for the rest of the trip. I'm going to tell you more about that in my next post, but for now, enjoy the pictures!


All over black with a twist

Helloo! Again another outfit post from Italy. I remember this day we were walking a ton, and the weather went from chilly to hot really fast. This skirt was a perfect choice for the day. It was super comfy first of all and also it wasn't too hot or too cold to wear. I paired it with this awesome crop top from H&M. Even though I don't usually like to wear black from head to toe, the slit on the skirt and the flowers on the shirt made me love this look a lot. Hope you like it as much as I did!